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Tableau Software’s mission is to help people see and understand their data. Decisive Data has invested heavily in this partnership, because we believe Tableau is the most versatile data visualization tool on the market and a true differentiator for businesses looking to invest in data-driven decision making. Data Scientists will be pleased to know Tableau is powerful enough to process and display billions of rows of data, but also user-friendly enough for anyone in the office to use effectively with minimal training. That’s why in 2016 Gartner Research named Tableau Software the Leader in the Magic Quadrant for business intelligence and analytics platforms. Simply put, it has lowered the barriers to world-class data analysis for everyone.

Our goal is to help you make a bigger impact with Tableau in your organization. As certified partner resellers, our Tableau consultants and trainers, coupled with our end-to-end business intelligence expertise have the experience to help you at any stage of your Tableau journey.

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Tableau Services

Tableau Mentoring

One of our expert consultants will work with a small group of Tableau users at your organization and share the tips and tricks to developing quality visualizations and delivering excellent insights to decision makers. We want to enable Tableau champions in your organization!

Custom Dashboard Development

Need extra horse power to increase Tableau reporting adoption around your organization? Our team of consultants loves to understand what will drive the most impact for your business. Their creativity and technical prowess will help drive business value through custom-built dashboards that provide the insights to transform the way your organization make decisions.

Tableau Training

One of our accredited Tableau trainers will teach either a two-day or three-day course designed to help everyone from the novices to more advanced users understand the full capabilities of Tableau.

Tableau Support

Need someone onsite to serve as a technical subject matter expert in Tableau? Our consultants would love to be a dedicated resource to address dashboard performance, best practices, design reviews and much more to enhance the abilities of all Tableau users at your organization. This work can be conducted on-site or remotely depending on your needs.

Art + Data Workshop

Tableau is not just about making pretty pictures. Our Data Artists teach a workshop based on the 5 Elements of Dashboard Design that are introduced in our book, Art + Data. This workshop will help users construct captivating data narratives and build better dashboards…faster.



Hunter Barrett

Expertise:  Revenue Management, Hospitality, Sales Pipeline
As Decisive Data's in-house Data Artist, Hunter specializes in design. His passion for stunning visualizations fueled the 5 Elements of Dashboard Design and the ART+DATA book project. When he’s not organizing complex data stories into beautiful, easy-to-read dashboards, he can be found somewhere on Lake Washington or behind a stretched canvas. After graduating from the University of Washington, he moved home to Bellevue, Washington, where he enjoys a short commute and occasional lunches with his grandpa.


Michael Hallak

Expertise: e-Commerce, Cloud CRM, Education
Michael’s leadership skills and technical prowess make him the perfect Tableau Practice Lead at Decisive Data. His ability to empower and elevate his team is second only to his passion for tearing up the Cascades with his motorcycle. Michael lives in Sammamish, Washington, with his wife, Laurie, and their two dogs, Aki and Sandy.


Barclay Klingel

Expertise: Travel, Inventory Management, Logistics
Barclay serves as a Tableau Team Lead at Decisive Data. He is a business intelligence and Tableau virtuoso who is passionate about providing great value to every client and pushing the limits of data visualization. Hailing from beautiful Spokane, Washington, Barclay now lives in the shadow of the Space Needle. In his free time, he loves woodworking in his buddy Mike’s garage and trying out new restaurants with his sweetie Makenna.


Zack Mazzoncini

Expertise: Higher Education, Retail, Non-Profits
Zack founded Decisive Data’s Tableau practice and is an expert visualization designer. When he’s not building cutting-edge dashboards and coaching others to do the same, he can be found fly-fishing or enjoying the outdoors with his wife and three children. In 2015, Zack won the Crowd Favorite award for one of Tableau’s Iron Viz competitions.


Blaine Myers

Expertise: Finance, Higher Education, Construction Management
Blaine is a relationship building extraordinaire with a knack for learning different businesses and what drives them forward. Blaine hails from the thriving metropolis of Moses Lake, Washington, fancies himself an outdoorsman, and cheers on the Mariners through the good times and bad. He currently resides in Bellevue, Washington, where he lives with his fiancé, Samantha, and dog, Reggie.


Jory Vaucher

Expertise: Education, Finance, Retail
Jory is a business intelligence maven dedicated to building meaningful relationships with clients while architecting solutions to add measurable value to their business. Born and raised in Gig Harbor, Washington, Jory currently resides in Seattle''s University District where in his free time, he enjoys running, soccer, and sharing his culinary skills with friends and family.


Jacob Olsufka

Expertise: Sports Analytics, Public Sector Banking, Transportation Systems
Jacob has the spirit of an artist and technical chops of an engineer. When he’s not leading the Decisive Data pack in creative dashboard design, he’s fueling his passion for sports. Originally from Spokane, Washington, Jacob relocated to Seattle’s Greenlake neighborhood after earning bachelor and master degrees from Pacific Lutheran University and the University of Washington, respectively.


Alex Bowyer

Expertise: Health Care Software (Epic), Engineering & Science
Alex builds strong client relationships with analytical approaches to data by being a dual force in Tableau and Power BI. Born in Idaho, his education and career took him to North Carolina and Wisconsin before finally landing in Seattle. He jokes that he is simply following in the footsteps of Russell Wilson. In his free time, he is an avid bowler and golfer.


Alyssa Hudon

Expertise: Transit, Air Travel, Tableau Server
Alyssa loves meeting people in diverse industries and helping them work through their analytical challenges, never losing site of the end goal: clear, informative visuals that lead to insight and action! Born and raised in the Seattle area, she holds Bachelor's Degrees in Informatics and Spanish from the University of Washington. In her spare time she enjoys practicing violin and piano, hiking, and playing with her cat, Raya.


Amanda Hoey

Expertise: Advanced Analytics, Cloud Businesses, R Integration
Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Amanda implements her artistic and analytic prowess into developing stunning visuals. Amanda is a stats nerd at heart, having earned a BS in Applied Statistics from the University of California, Davis. She has a strong eye for the elegant subtleties of clean design and leads the team in combining advanced analytics with visualization excellence. In her free time, Amanda enjoys weekend brunches, tea time, and the occasional baseball game. Go Giants!


Fletcher Martin

Expertise: Auto Industry, Merchandise Distribution
Fletcher loves the challenge of turning complicated data into beautiful, insightful dashboards, and he loves serving his clients with an open mind and meeting their current and future needs. After spending four years at a university in sunny Southern California, Fletcher, a native of Bellevue, Washington, surprisingly moved back to the Pacific Northwest - giving up his surfboard and Jeep for an indoor basketball league and a green Jetta.


Chris Herron

Expertise: Healthcare, Retail
Chris desires for every business decision to be informed by data. He excels in connecting his intuitive Tableau dashboards to the business value they provide. Chris always looks for a more efficient way to solve the problem at hand while discovering new questions that can be solved through data analytics. When not cranking on a new dashboard, you can find Chris at the local rock climbing gym, volunteering in West Seattle, or out on the hiking trail in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Joshua Banks

Expertise: Sales, Veterinary Medicine/Healthcare, Non-Profits
As a Tableau consultant, Joshua thrives at finding ways to help clients realize their primary business goals through helping them make sound business decisions informed by their data. He has an undergraduate degree in Biology and a master's in Business. He is passionate about companion animals and enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. Joshua lives in Woodinville, WA with his wife Kaili.


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