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Cale Berkey


Chief Solution Officer

Cale is Decisive Data's Chief Solution Officer. The CSO is responsible for the Solution Delivery organization, home to Decisive Data’s technical consultants. Cale champions this role as he leads, manages, and delegates the training, equipping, inspiring, and focus of Solution Delivery.

Cale is an experienced senior technology professional with a focused vision for organizational development, and boasts a solid track record of delivering data-driven customer value through software solutions. His infectious approach to problem solving with a “growth mindset” drives the success of DD teams. His thought leadership, teamwork, and foresight into what customers need make him a key contributor to DD’s leadership.

Cale has a Master's in Geography from the University of Washington, where he focused on Geographic Information Systems. He has dedicated the last 15 years to software development, data, and cloud architecture as he has taken on increasing management and leadership duties.

Outside of work, Cale can be found behind a book, piano, or drum-set, and spending time with his wife and daughters...and be warned that once you start in on data-driven football analysis, you’re in for an eye-opening discussion or a hearty debate.