Case Study: Learn how Wizards of the Coast built an In-Game Data Analytics Platform to increase gamer experience.


Wizards of the Coast launches Magic: The Gathering Arena at HASCON with full scale ELT solution and analytics platform powered by Snowflake, Tableau & PlayFab

Learn how data analytics helps Wizards of the Coast (WotC) enhance gamer experiences. This case study tells WotC's story of the development of a complete in-game analytics platform that was assembled just several weeks before a launch at 2017 HASCON.  Decisive Data worked with technology partners, Tableau, Snowflake and PlayFab to bring this vision to life under a tight deadline. 

Case Study Highlights

  1. Gameplay Event Harvesting. WotC worked with PlayFab to identify some 200 gaming events for which it wanted to collect data. Events ranged from a player logging on, joining a match, to gameplay elements such as weapons used or time spent on a level.
  2. ELT Data Pipeline. Decisive Data created a custom ELT solution that ingested PlayFab’s JSON data from S3 storage directly into the Snowflake data warehouse, retaining the data’s native state. The solution also handles structured data, imported from other sources. 
  3. Data Visualization. Tableau dashboards are used for data visualization, populated by queries to the Snowflake data lake. 

Download the case study and read more about Cloud Storage, ELT Queueing, Data Lakes and other aspects of the analytic solution.