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Absence Reduction Dashboard

The following is an elegant and clear example of how complicated data from many different classrooms, teachers, and schools can be organized into a simple dashboard. Research shows more conversations between students and teachers can lead to increased attendance. This dashboard identifies important conversations from the district level down to each individual teacher.

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Sales Scorecard Dashboard

This Sales Scorecard is designed to answer the question, "How is my company doing?" in a clear and straightforward manner by identifying areas of the business that are under performing. We used color to highlight these problem areas, and leveraged a matrix with conditional formatting to give us granular insights that could prompt strategy changes.

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Seattle Building Permits Dashboard

Building permit data offers a sneak preview into the future of Seattle's construction climate. A few easy graphics can quickly paint the picture of growth. But what if we took the dashboard a step further and looked at the data through the eyes of someone directly involved in the industry? What types of questions would a salesman or contractor want to answer? What types of insights could they glean?

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Executive Insights Dashboard

This report is designed to give an all-up perspective into a company‰Ûªs performance. This empowers users to have an inside look into the part of the business that is important to their and the company‰Ûªs success, while allowing a single dashboard for a common ground for discussion. Additionally, there is the added ability to scale new metrics with only a line of DAX, as the visuals all reference the same dynamic values. This means that as business needs change, new metrics can be added while not impacting other consumers of this dashboard.

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Readership in Seattle

Power BI gives you the capability of retrieving mission critical information, at your finger-tips, with DirectQuery. We applied this technique to the Seattle Library’s checkout activity to help understand topical behavior.

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