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Executive Insights

The Challenge

Often asking, “How are we performing?” can be a question that cascades into a series of further questions, spinoffs and investigative research. This can be especially true for globally minded companies. Compiling all these varied and disparate data sources into consumable insights can be quite the challenge for any data-minded leader. You can end up with bloated analytical library, edging out a single, source of truth.  This report is designed to help facilitate this type of exploration without requiring additional reports.

The Solution

This report is designed to give an all-up perspective into a company’s performance. This empowers users to have an inside look into the part of the business that is important to their and the company’s success, while allowing a single dashboard for a common ground for discussion. Additionally, there is the added ability to scale new metrics with only a line of DAX, as the visuals all reference the same dynamic values. This means that as business needs change, new metrics can be added while not impacting other consumers of this dashboard.