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Customer Case Studies

Construction - Seattle Growth Trends

The Challenge

Most of the world is well aware that Seattle is on the up-and-up. Pick up a local newspaper and you'll find stories on emerging tech companies, articles on incoming investments, and rants on raising rent prices. Better yet… peer through the window of your favorite coffee shop and count the number of cranes on the horizon!

Building permit data offers a sneak preview into the future of Seattle's construction climate. A few easy graphics can quickly paint the picture of growth. But what if we took the dashboard a step further and looked at the data through the eyes of someone directly involved in the industry? What types of questions would a salesman or contractor want to answer? What types of insights could they glean?

Perhaps you're a construction salesman researching prospective sites… maybe you're a contractor investigating the competition's strategy… you may even be a CEO deciding how to pivot your business. Whatever position you hold, this dashboard is meant to empower you to understand the market while enabling you to drill down into the details and research specific events.

The Solution

Building Climate Overview Tab (from top to bottom)

  • Is the pace and amount of investment increasing with time? (See top bar chart)
  • Is investment concentrated in specific locations? How is concentration affected by Category, Contractor, or Individual? (See map)
  • What is the status of the market, given my parameters? (See Highlighted Metrics Section)
  • Which categories, individuals, and permits are leading the market? (See middle bar charts)

Contractor Competition Tab

  • Are deal amounts and frequency trending up? (See top line chart)
  • Which contractors are leading the market (based on quantity, size, and value)? (See middle bar charts)

Category Growth Tab

  • Which categories are leading the market (based on quantity, size, and average value)? (See left bar charts)
  • What is the Total Value growth trend and permit status? (See line and bar chart)